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Men are lucky to not have to go through childbirth pain. However, they do have to put up with painful kidney stones if they do not take good care of themselves. According to recent studies, it has been observed that at least 15% men go through the excruciating pain of pushing out a kidney stone at least once in their lives. Furthermore, if you undergo this pain once, there is a fifty per cent chance that you will have another kidney stone in the next four years.

Kidney stones are formed when the mineral content in your urine becomes highly concentrated. These stones lone do not exactly cause any pain, but they might remain in your kidney for a long time without causing any outward effect to you. However, once the kidney stone starts travelling from your kidneys towards your ureter, you will feel the pain kicking in. They tend t irritate the lining wall within your ureter and might even cause a block by getting stuck. This may lead to swelling and a lot of pain. According to the experts, sometimes the pain can be felt in different areas like the tip of your penis or your testicles even though the kidney stone is actually lodged in another location.

In case you start experiencing throbbing pain without any cause or reason, it would be a good idea to get an ultrasound or a CT scan done. If the scans reveal kidney stones lodged somewhere, you will have to consider different forms of treatment depending on the actual size of the kidney stone. Larger stones will have to be broken down using sound waves or even removed via passing a scope through the urethra. Some doctors also recommend surgery, where a small incision is made on your back for easier access to the kidney stones.

However, if the kidney stone is revealed to be smaller than 6 millimeters according to your scans, doctors recommend allowing it to pass out of our body on its own. You will need to drink lots of water to help push along the process as your body works hard in removing this painful stone from your body on its own. Most doctors prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatories in order to help you with the pain and comfort associated with passing out a kidney stone from your body.

You can avoid going through this horrible experience by drinking plenty of water every day. The human body needs at least 60 to 80 ounces of water every day to function normally. As you stay hydrated, the chances of kidney stones forming in your body are reduced considerably. An easy way to make sure that you get your required amount of water every day is by filling up a bottle with water and refilling it throughout the day as it gets emptied. Doctors advise staying clear of sodas, as they tend to cause stones to be formed due to the fructose content. Interestingly, orange juice and coffee seems to prevent the formation of these kidney stones, probably because of the potent antioxidants present in these drinks.