Most of the groundbreaking research stories that turn into a newspaper headline offer a ray of hope for humans. It could be a story of genetically transforming alpha cells into beta cells for insulin production or the discovery of a new gene that can end obesity. If this sounds like a narration from a science fiction novel, here are few recent innovations that will leave you marveling at the amazing world of science.

Bionic Eyes
The birth of Argus-II has turned to be a boon for millions of people affected by blindness due to outer retinal degeneration. A small video camera is fitted in the patient’s glasses that transmits information to a mini computer worn on the body. These signals are transmitted through wireless means to the artificial retinas of the individual.

Identifying Cancer-Causing Gene
The lethal disease cancer has different stages like the ones that can be treated and where the disease has reached the final stage. Scientists have come up with ways to identify the malignant gene of a tumor. With this discovery, it is possible to ascertain if a particular chemotherapy treatment work in favor of the cancer or not. By discovering the subtype, doctors can suggest the right treatment that can potentially save life.

Epileptics who suffer from sudden bouts of seizures can look at NeuroPace that is termed “defibrillator for the brain”. Sensing devices are implanted in the patient’s brain that can pick up the first signals of an impending seizure attack. This device counterattacks by transmitting its own electrical signals, stopping the seizure. Quite an interesting warfare if you must ask.

Cure For Hepatitis
Diagnosis of Hepatitis was followed by several weeks of antiviral medicines and injections that had side-effects on the patient. The present age has witnessed the discovery of Sofosbuvir that can effectively treat the disease. The good part is that this drug has to be used for 12 weeks without the painful injections, of course.

iPad For Physicians
While your surgeon may take all the accolades for a successful surgery, it is the anesthesiologist who must be given the due credit. They are the people who put you into a deep, medicated sleep before an operation and are responsible for understanding the details of the surgery. They adjust the right amount of sedatives and painkillers so everything is in control.

The latest discovery is a touchscreen device that alert the doctors in the eventuality of any mistake. This is beneficial for long hours of surgery where doctors give the control to others.

Poop Pill
Before you pass out feeling grossed, here’s what you should know about fecal transplant. This treatment has known to be a possible cure for nasty bacteria like C. difficile that has claimed several lives. The idea here is that receivers benefit from the good bacteria thriving in the donor’s gut. The bacteria has the ability to release proteins and enzymes that can fight against the diseases.

Seralaxin For The Heart
Seralaxin is an artificial version of relaxin hormone that is produced in large quantities in a pregnant woman’s body. This hormone is known to expand the blood vessels that supply oxygen to all parts of the body. Its life-saving property has earned it a moniker and set the FDA to speed up its approval.